New York City Government Links

The Lower Manhattan Loft Tenants site has information of the current loft law and the Loft Board which oversees the affected buildings.

NYPIRG's Community Assitance Mapping Project allows you to enter your address and get a full listing of your elected representatives.

The New York City Council site contains info on the City Council and its activities, as well a district map for Brooklyn.

The Department of City Planning's zoning regulations, in their complete form.

Online zoning maps, also posted in PDF format.

The Department or Buildings explanation of the Environment Control Board (ECB) hearing process, with guidelines for the resolution of illegal conversion violations

Police Department FAQ about marshals and evictions.

Lobbying in Albany

We need at least 10-12 people going up to Albany every week at least until August to press our issue. It really should not be same group going every week. It seems like a lot of time to be spending away from our usual routines but this is the only way we can hope to get our issues taken seriously this legislative session and (god forbid) the next. We usually leave from the 'L' cafe (Bedford and N. 7th) at 7:45AM on Tuesday mornings.

What is a typical day in Albany like?
A typical lobbying day is spent meeting with representatives or their staff with whom we have made appointments the previous week. Nobody meets with anyone by themselves. Usually the more experienced people from our group do all the talking (Michael Kriegh goes every week and is one of our regular reps as are Peggy Reynolds and Mery Lynn Mc Corkle). Our chief goal in sending different people each week is to put a face on our issue.

Often people will be asked to tell their story. Anyone who has suffered at the hands of a greedy landlord or who is facing losing their business because they are being thrown out of their live-work space has a story to tell these people. They need to know that the loft crisis affects genuine working people who contribute to the cultural scene in New York.

We give them cards and informational gimmicks that help them remember who we are until the next time we come back. Sometimes we get to have our picture taken with the politicians. (!!) We usually have a meeting with Vito Lopez and his staff over lunch about how we are doing and who we should talk to he following week. Vito usually springs for the pizza. We think it might be his favorite food. After lunch it is more meetings and sometimes a trip to the Senate chambers to hear bills being presented and such. (This is where you sometimes get to cheer for your heroes.)

Business is concluded before five o'clock and we are usually back in the city by 8:00pm or so.

Peggy Reynolds -- [email protected]


Zoning Information
New York City has introduced legislation that would apply zoning 'text amendments' on a building-by-building basis. If this legislation is passed it means that loft occupants of some buildings may not be afforded any protection.
> Map of the proposed text amendments for Brooklyn
> Page with link to Brooklyn Loft Legislation
> Index of zoning maps for NYC
> Map illustrating loft conversion zoning in LIC

Loft Lawyers
The following list includes many lawyers who have worked for loft tenants in the past. We will be adding to it as we hear of more. Click here to view our list of loft lawyers.

Details about the lobbying trips to Albany. More information and common questions about what is involved in the lobbying trips to Albany.

How to Organize Your Building and get your fellow tenants to work together to ensure the safety of your building and your tenancy.

What to Do When the Inspector Arrives to inspect or even vacate your building. Instructions to look at before you get caught off guard.