Stand Up and Be Counted!

Questions and Technical Assistance

We have added a Loft Census message board that you can use for reporting problems with the census forms, or for asking questions about filling out certain items. If you're running into trouble, you may want to check and see if anyone else has encountered them already.

Mailing List

Until now, we have only recorded the e-mail addresses of people who have asked to join our mailing list. We will soon be offering an optional form that you may use to send us your name, mailing address, and any indications of how you would like to participate in the Coalition's efforts. Thank you for your interest so far, and please keep checking back.

On June 21, 1982, the New York State Legislature passed a set of sweeping amendments to the NY State Multiple Dwelling Law to bring loft housing under regulation. These laws enabled a generation of working artists, small business owners, and arts-related entrepreneurs to define New York City's cultural character by protecting their live/work residencies and allowing their practices to flourish.

Now it's your turn to stand up, be counted, and let the city and state know that you're a benefit to the community.

In March, the Brooklyn Live/Work Coalition, City Council Members, and State Assembly Members will be going to Albany to enact new legislation to protect and legalize thousands of new live/work spaces.

By filling out the Loft Census and helping us build an accurate, statistical picture of our community, you are arming our allies with the information they need to enact new live/work legislation.

The census questionnaires only ask that you specify the address of the building in which you live, and not your name. All of this information will remain confidential, and you will remain anonymous. In fact, if you feel compelled to keep your live/work practice hidden for fear of City Officials or of your landlord, that's all the more reason to let us know you're out there so that we can secure and stabilize our communities.

Census Forms

The census will consist of three questionnaires:

The Tenant Form should be filled out by every individual in a live/work loft. [ printable version ]

The Loft Form should be filled out by only resident of each loft unit. If you have loftmates, you should each fill out a Tenant Form, but only one of you should submit a Loft Form. [ printable version ]

The Building Form should be filled out by only one resident of each building, presumably a landlord, building manager, or your Building Captain. [ printable version ]